Brief Memorial Day Recap

Memorial Day weekend, the kick off to summer. What a kick off it was. A dietetic internship graduation, Indy 500 race, start of a blog, leasing an apartment, and trying to organize life before life gets taken over by the 9 to 5 of the job. Friday, May 25th, was a day that 33 of us had been waiting for for 10 months, graduation from out dietetic internship. 

It was a beautiful little ceremony, minus the fact that the air conditioner decided not to work, which created a very sweaty situation. However, we mottled through the heat, got our diplomas and are done! Congrats SLU Dietetic Internship of 2012, “We did it!!!!”.

This now means I have to grow up and start the big girl job in a week and become an adult, quite a scary thought, luckily I still have a week to have some intern graduate fun :). This fun was kicked off by getting in the car at 7 am to drive to Indianapolis for the greatest spectacle in racing: The Indy 500. 
This has been a family tradition for years and if we cannot make it, we devote the entire weekend to watching the race on TV.  Wandering through the pits, listening to the drivers discuss their race strategies and how they are going to handle the heat, and just feeling the excitement in the air is like none other than at the Indy.  One of my favorite parts is watching the action in the pits during the race. You don’t realize how only a few seconds really can make a big difference.
This years race was extra special in order to honor Dan Wheldon. He was a favorite in our family, as well as the winner of last years Indy. Sadly in the last race of the season, he crashed and did not make it. During the first parade lap, lap 26 and 98, everyone put on their “white Dan Wheldon glasses” in honor of him. 

The brother and me in the glasses. 
All in all it was a great day, filled with delicious tailgating food, ice cold drinks, and too many laughs to count.  Well that’s all for now, I’m off to CrossFit, if you have not tried it, I highly recommend it to anyone. From what I’ve heard it gets you ripped. I’m just starting and so far LOVE it.

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