Last night as a “kid”

Craziness, it is my last night being a “kid”. Tomorrow I start my big girl job as a Clinical Dietitian. Saying that sentence just made me get really excited! Its like the first day of school all over again, need to pack a delicious lunch, pick out a first day of work outfit, and pack my going to work bag. So exciting! Needless to say, I had a relaxing weekend with friends, getting my fitness on, and lots of reading. It was a monumental moment in my fitness world, I went swimming. I haven’t swam since January.  I gathered all of my things and ventured out to the pool.

Oooo how I missed that blue water and the lovely smell of chlorine. I surprisingly felt really good. The workout for the day was
500 swim
300 kick
300 pull
4×100 swim on 10 sec. rest
4×75 free back free on 10 sec. rest
4×50 kick 10 sec. rest
4×50 IM order 10 sec. rest
200 cool down
There was no clock outside, so I had to make do with 10 seconds rest instead of a time interval. It felt SO good to splash around.  I am definitely ready to start swimming on a more consistent basis now. Since I “retired” from swimming after my senior year of college, I was burned out and did not want to swim. I would occasionally go splash around but had no real desire to swim. That desire to swim is back. 
Well I’m off to bed, gotta get some shut eye for a long day of orientation tomorrow.

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