First Day on the Job

It’s official, I’m a clinical dietitian. I clocked in and out today with my new white badge, no longer does my name appear on a blue student badge. Even though I sat an room, with no windows for 8 and a 1/2 hours going through orientation, I’m a dietitian!!!! This morning I had a hard time picking out my first outfit, but here’s what I eventually came up with, black Capri pants, animal print top, and a tangerine cardigan. Added a few bracelets and necklace and viola i was dressed and ready to go! awkward body shot to follow.

 During orientation, I got to thinking about quick easy workouts to do after a long day of work. Even though, you’re tired, working out is the the cherry on top of a good sundae, it just completes the sundae. The workout completes the day. I know I feel blah if I don’t do some sort of physical activity during the day. Awhile back, I found a 15 minute workout routine that I’ll sometimes do if I’m in a crunch for time at the gym. I posted it under the workout section, which can be found here, Fitness Fun, otherwise has it as well.
Tomorrow I’m trying a new yoga class so we’ll see how that goes. Well I’m off to go do the dreaded homework. Summer classes started today and don’t want to get behind on the first day.


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