Sore muscle, HELP!!!

Saturday’s CrossFit class still has me in pain. Too many bench presses leaves one sore arm? Not quite sure why only one arm is sore but I’ll go with it. Seriously, I need advice on getting rid of the soreness, I’ve massaged, iced, put icy hot on, NOTHING is working! I even took a day off from the arms to help it feel better.  Not too shabby for  the first time out in about a week. Oh and this is the craigslist watch and it rocks!!

I wish i really maintained a 7:40 pace the entire time, but the end of the run was down hill and I was excited to be done. One day though, that’ll be me. After the run, I headed to Big Shark Bike company to get some biking shoes. I found a pair I like, but had to order them. On Friday the good ol graduation gift, the Tri bike, and I are going to get fitted for each other, so we can be a match made in heaven. Also, we will be experimenting with shoe types, and mounts. My right leg is shorter than my left, which apparently can cause  problems when cycling long distances (who knew). Keep your eyes peeled for more on this later in the week. But for now, I leave you with a salad, and some coffee (not pictured). Gotta power through some homework and need some help with a cup of delicious dark roast!


2 thoughts on “Sore muscle, HELP!!!

  1. Protein after your workout girlfriend. Whether I wanted Shawn to be right or not, proper refueling after the workout made me a whole lot less sore this past year :)BTW Super jealous of that watch!

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