One week down….

So I started this post last night, and got too tired to finish it! Sad that one week of work made me so sleepy on a Friday night!

First week done as a working woman. Wow what a week it has been. I have learned so much and have gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities as a dietitian. Today I got the official stating I can now sit for my RD exam.

This now means its time to cram. In the fashion of studying, I will be starting the RD exam question of the day, as well as trying really hard to post a new recipe every day.  I will admit that I am not chef, however I do have a head full of nutrition knowledge that I want to share with all of you! More on that to come later.

So this morning I had a great plan to get up, go spinning in my lovely new spinning shoes, then go to yoga. Spinning started at 8:30. I proceeded to snooze and turn off the alarm and wake up at 8:30 instead.  I got out of bed, and decided to go run instead. Made some breakfast and got dressed. As I was picking out my outfit, I realized I have a bit of OCD when to comes to workout clothes matching. Any of my other clothes I could care less but my workout clothes need to match. Weird I know.

I then made a delicious breakfast of berries and toast with almond butter and of course coffee!!

Then went out for a run. Did not photograph this because I was a hot mess. My legs did not want to run and I was dripping with sweat. I got back at 10:30 and had to race off to yoga. Thank goodness for good ol Garmin to direct me there!

A few weeks ago, I purchased a Groupon for yoga classes. I have been trying to go for the past 2 weeks and finally had some time. 
This yoga class was awesome. I was able to do head stands and hand stands- neither I have been successful at. So this class gets a double thumbs up from me! Once again didn’t take pictures of the yoga class, thought that would awkward.  You know how there’s that one person in the class that just kind of smells like a shower would be in their best interest, I was clearly that person today. I did put on more deodorant after the run but I smelt like a mix of sweat, sunscreen, and Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction body spray- NOT A GOOD COMBO!!! Other than that it was a great class. I raced home, chatted with the mother for a bit and had some lunch.

Mixed vegetables with some chicken meatballs, apple with PB2 and the ever delicious skinny cow ice cream sandwich.

Even though I am a dietitian ( and soon will be registered), I have a major sweet tooth. My philosophy is you shouldn’t deprive yourself of everything you love. I love sweets. I know I cannot have them all the time, but 1-140 calorie ice cream sandwich is not going to kill me or make me fat. 6 might but 1 will not. 
Well i’m off to go organize and clean my room, it is time. 


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