Delicious Eats

What a Sunday! Studying, cooking, eating, yoga, a quick run, catching up on Drop Dead Diva, and going to end the night with a little reading! I’m really trying to post more often but I’ll be honest I got caught up studying for the lovely RD exam and didn’t want to stop since I was on a role. The day started of great, slept in, and decided to make some pancakes. Not just any pancakes, but Very Berry Wheat Germ Pancakes. (Link to the recipe Very Berry Wheat Germ Pancakes ). They’re really simple all you do is mix your ingredients up in a bowl
Add some berries

nice and mixed up (thawed and drained berries since they frozen)

and throw them on the skillet.

Flip and once golden brown, you have delicious pancakes

After the wonderful breakfast, I ran off to free yoga at Lulu Lemon. It was an awesome class. During the hour I had a light bulb go off, I am not stretching nearly enough after working out. Poses that typically are easy for me were not, such as flexing my foot while stretching my hamstring.  So this week we will be focusing the important aspects of stretching.
After yoga, went to Kaldis to study and have lunch.

Farmer’s Market Salad with chicken. I crave this salad, it is just SO good.

All these note cards made me want a scone. So i got a glazed cinnamon chip scone. 

This scone was HUGE so I got a to-go bag and took 2/3rds home with me. (way to go dietitian). After studying went to mass, and for a quick run. 
Before church though I stopped at home quick to prep my meat for tonight’s dinner. Warning, if you are vegetarian, skip ahead, THERE WILL BE PICTURES OF MEAT.
The ingredients 

Lemon pepper, mixture of salt pepper, and garlic powder, basil, and crushed red pepper

For the middle: minced garlic, sun dried tomatoes, and Goat cheese

The lovely tenderloin from Costco

First butterfly the meat

Spread minced garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese all over

Flip the flap over and put the first ingredients listed on the outside. Let this “marinate” if you will for a few hours. 
Once I got home from church and running, it was time to cook. 

Along with the steak, I had sauteed zucchini, and peppers on olive oil.
The finished product!!
Steak cooked to perfection, amazing veggies and an Irish soda biscuit. 
My taste buds were having a party with this meal, and really this entire day. Sunday’s have always been a pretty big day for a family meal. It is certainly a tradition I plan on keeping even if it is just myself 🙂
Nutrition  Fact of the Day

Today, there are two:
What Nutrients Delay Gastric Emptying? Protein and fat!
Protein and vitamin B6 are affected in patients taking Levodopa ( this was one that I had absolutely no idea about)
What’s your favorite Sunday Meal??


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