How to make the most out of your Saturday

 Morning all!
What a hectic, busy past few days it has been! Full recap will come later today/tonight (not enough time to shove breakfast down my throat, pack my gym bag and leave to be on time for CrossFit). 
As I sit here eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee,
 I’m thinking about the simple ways I can make the most out of my Saturday
There are some tips to make the most out of your saturday!
Sleep in a bit! There is no need to wake up at the crack of down (cough 5:00 am). Getting up at 7am  will feel so much better.
Make a good breakfast. You now a few extra minutes to feel yourself with delicious, healthy, food. 
Plan out what you want to accomplish and be realistic. Your to do list may be long but you may be more tired or feeling like only doing a few of those things. Just crossing of 1 or 2 will feel good!
Go get your sweat on!  There’es plenty of time for you to do some cardio or pump some iron, it also will get your endorphines following and make your saturday even better!!
Okay off to workout!! Have a great morning!!


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