96 degrees

Definitely not the temperature I wanted to see as I’m about to go CrossFit semi inside semi-outside. Hydration is extremely important on days when its hot and even more important when its humid and hot outside.

Hydration Part 1:
Sweating is your bodies way of trying to stay cool. Its trying to keep your body at a constant temperature and by sweating, it is better able to that. HOWEVER, the real cooling effect comes from the evaporation of sweat  on you. In humid environments ( like St. Louis), sweat isn’t as easily evaporated due to the moisture already in the air. When the sweat is unable to be evaporated, that’s when we start to notice the sweat on us.  This is where the hydration part kicks in because when we notice the sweat, we are losing the water from our bodies and can become dehydrated and overheated. Does that make sense??
If you’re asking so what does this mean for me, let me tell you. Hydration is the key!!! We need to stay hydrated to help our bodies stay cool, especially when we sweat since we are losing water!
For one hour of moderate exercise, we generally produce 1/2 to 1 liter of sweat. We need to match how much we lose. For safe measures, lets say we produced 1L of sweat from our run; that means we need to drink at least 1L of water during and after the workout. 
Now we don’t know exactly how much each person sweats during their workout. The rule of thumb for hydration is drinking about 1 liter or 1000 ml during  a 1 hour workout. (if working out longer than an hour, X by hours of working out). As well as 500-1000ml after working out. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to drink while they work out, that means you have to drink that much more after to avoid dehydration ( that could be up to 2 liters!) 
Hydration is going to be something we discuss all summer. This is just bit of info to get you started, a dipping your toe into the pool if you will 🙂
What tricks do you all do to help you stay hydrated??


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