What I love about Sundays

Sunday’s are such a great day. You can get caught up on stuff from last week, prepare for the following week, and just have a relaxing day. However we’re going to start with dinner last night which was delicious!! It was leftover salmon and blackbeans with a sweet potato.
I know, I know there are 2 starches on my plate and no veggie, I had a salad  at lunch so we’re good (this is a do as I say not as I do moment, a veggie should be on your plate for dinners).
This delciousness was followed by a delicious peanut butter cookie (will be posting about these tomorrow) and some chocolate coconut ice cream from Trader Joe’s.

This stuff is amazing!!! It does not have all the fat or calories of regular ice cream. Score in my book!!
The rest of the night was devoted to studying, and getting ready for tomorrow, no need to document that.
All American 5k and fun run
The morning started off with some overnight oats, a banana, water and of course coffee!

Since the run was a straight shot, we parked at the finish and biked to the start. However, when we got there, someone couldn’t remember the combination she set the night before (short term memory problems??), so Alyson was nice enough to share her bike lock with me. (the story ends with me back home trying to figure out what the combo is AND finally figuring out it wasn’t what I thought I set it as whoops!!)
Pre-race excitement!!! and pre sweaty photo op!
Even though it was a 5k, I still love the atmosphere and how excited people are to run!
And we’re off!!
Mid race!
 Whoo hoo! we ran Americas Fastest 5k!
Literally, this was a PR for the books for me!!

After the race, it was part 2 of the morning, going for a ride!
14 miles, no falls, was able to clip in and out with some ease (im a newb to the clips and am making leaps and bounds with my progress with them!)

 After the ride, my legs were killing me and my tummy needed some food, time for lunch!

Chicken salad sandwich, chips, and hummus and a big delicious salad. I then treated myself to a little ice cream with a cookie again (it was the last one and was staring me in the eyes). Get the chicken salad recipe here: Revamped chicken salad sandwich
After lunch it was back to the grind of homework, with a little help from coffee.

Church followed as well as leftovers for dinner. Then Skyped with my dad for Father’s Day, made me miss home especially when I saw my doggies. I miss them SO much.
Really need an updated picture of them Gracie ( the ligher one is now 2!)
Lots and lots to discuss this week, blogging is going to be my breaks from studying!
gotta run folks Drop Dead Diva is on!


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