Success at 5 am

The alarm was set
the clothes laid out,
 The running shoes ready to be tried out again….
The coffee ground

The coffee maker ready…..

Now all i needed to do was wake up and go for a run before work. I will admit, I am not a morning person. I struggle waking up especially really early like 5 am. However, I am trying to get more cardio into my routine and since its now crazy hot out in the afternoons, this leaves mornings for the runs….before 7:30, meaning before work.
So I decided I’m going to try it and  see how it goes.
 Alarm goes off…. 
Got up got dressed

Had a quick little snack of seduction bread from Whole foods, and some almond butter

and was out the door and ready to run!

Loved running that early! It was so refreshing and I felt so accomplished. What I didn’t love, the balls of my feet hurting from new running shoes (returning them tomorrow), my ankle hurting like I sprained it, and now making me hobble around like a gimp. Luckily I have PLENTY of experience with this. 
After showered and dressed it was time to make lunch and breakfast.

lunch’s menu: spinach salad, some TJ chicken, feta cheese, walnuts, blueberries and strawberries, edamame, cucumbers, hummus, cherries, 

carrots and broccoli and some seduction bread!

The finished product. HOwever I saved the apple and lost the chocolate covered pomengrantes 😦
Next it was time to prepare breakfast
strawberries, blueberries, bananas with….
chobani peach yogurt, kashi, and chia seeds.
 The day flew by with me hobbling around and having extreme ankle pain. I ended up cancelling my hot yoga class to ice and elevate the bum leg.
The swelling has gone down yay!!
I’m hoping a night off will make the pain go away and make it feel better tomorrow (at least so I can walk normally).
Question for you all:
What did you accomplish today? Would you call your day a success?


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