The power of the lentil

Lentils, lentils, lentils how I LOVE thee. 
And why shouldn’t I. 
Lentils are apart of the legume family. They are packed with soluble fiber which helps to control blood sugar, lower cholesterol and fills you up with only a little amount. 
1 cup equals about 230 calories and you’ll be guaranteed to be full for hours. Look what else lentils has, many key vitamins and minerals. Lentils are a super, nutrient dense food. 
Nutrients in
1.00 cup (198.00 grams)
Nutrient%Daily Value










vitamin B122%


Calories (229)12%

Tonight, this is what my dinner started out as,
and this is what it ended up as!
 much better this way in my opinion.
The lentils are on the plate under a piece of light Havarti cheese. From this meal, I’m SO stuffed I don’t want dessert!! ( I may need to sneak chocolate in somewhere just for good measure 🙂
Which i just got 🙂
1/4 cup TJ coconut chocolate ice cream, a banana some PB2 and cinnamon sprinkled over it.
I’ll try to not eat dessert tomorrow night 🙂
I am a person that believes in calories in calories out, with some splurges along the way. As a stress eater, I will admit I have had waaayy too much splurges in the past few months. Which would be the reason my pants are feeling pretty tight right now. And I’ll be honest, the self-confidence isn’t 100% when the waistband is tight around my midsection. I ran across these rules by Bob Harper. I think these are some great guidelines he created. There are one or two that i slightly disagree with (such as no carbohydrates after lunch, you need some with dinner, especially if you have diabetes (don’t want big jumps or dips in blood sugar)). 
The Skinny Rules
Take these rules and see how they fit into your life. I’m going to try to follow #1,2,5,6,12, and 20. 20 will be the struggle one for Katie, she likes to have dessert with lunch AND dinner, which is not becoming necessary.
What rules do you have or follow in your goals to stay fit?


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