Sex and the city and break even points

Sex and the city and break even points describe my thursday night.

Sex and the city on in the background and reviewing food service and management equations. Not exactly the way I want to be spending my Thursday night so I needed a little pick me up.

= deliciousness.
The last picture did’t save for some reason. Its a spin on last nights dinner (fail on not having dessert tonight). This one consisted of a smalls frozen banana, some PB2, and some dark chocolate blueberries. This is needed to power through food service calculations. The test is exactly one week away and I’m getting nervous.  I need to give a shout out to all of my friends who have already taken the test and passed!! You all are rock stars! Any advice you’d give to this nervous gal??

Before studying, I had some delicious dinner.

It started with grilling some marinated chicken, sauteing some broccoli.

I added to it some more lentils ( literally have had them for 3 out of the 4 past meals LOVE them), and my other half of a sweet potato. Oh and I added some goat cheese for added deliciousness.

Dinner was awesome, was able to watch some tv (flipping through Hgtv, Bravo, and Style), catch up on some blogs and ate my tasty meal.

and icing my lovely kankle.

Prior to this I went for a swim, more like just pulling due to the ol ankle. Which brings me to the previous event of today, the doctors office.

It is a known fact that i have very loose joints. However this injury I did  not really cause (at least not to my knowledge). I did not fall, trip, fall down stairs, run into anything, etc. This one I believe is from running, over use what have ya. Anyways, its been swollen for the past week and after running on Tuesday caused me not to be able to walk normally.
X-rays were taken and nothing is broken (kind of already knew that). However there maybe some soft tissue damage that will be cured with a good dose of anti-inflammatory medicine and physical therapy oh and  a lovely compression sleeve.

So it will be low impact activities for this girl for awhile. :/

The rest of the day went swimmingly with a delcious lunch of lentils, edamame, hummus, quinoa chips, and blueberries. 

Prior to lunch, saw patients, went to rounds had a very busy morning which was started with a lovely drive into work with my breakfast. 
Since I can’t really do weight bearing activities, I did this little ditty after swimming as well as yesterday Too good of a show on to leave the living room mini-workout.
You can add legs like air squats, and lunges, as well as squat jumps, etc. 
You’ll definitively feel the burn, if you don’t repeat the workout twice. 
That’s all for now!!


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