Inner Peace

I admit, I am a worry wort, not on the outside though (well in my opinion). On the outside, I’m calm, cool, and collected. However on the inside, my head is spinning with a million thoughts such as why can’t I remember the number of protein grams in a starch exchange, or a #10 can weight 6.5lbs, or do I need to switch my blog to wordpress, how long has my laundry been sitting in the washer, I have food that needs to eaten in fridge and I dont want to waste it, AHHHH I move in about a month…… and the thoughts go on and on. I am constantly looking for ways to find calm and not stress. Chocolate is one of those things that seems to give me a 30 second escape. The next is doing some sun salutations.  Here’s a simple sequence to help calm your mind. I found it googling sun salutations. 
Doing this a few times at home, really helps me calm down. Another thing I am starting is journaling. I am able to spill my guts into my journal and then look back at what I was stressing about and think wow, why did I get worked up over that?? 
THe title also is fitting for those stressful moments to simply keep calm and carry on. I also have lists, quotes and different sayings in my journal. It’s an all encompassing places that is truly Katie. 
I came across these little gem on  I found it on this site and decided I need to try this.  I found this on
It is a book that has the dates listed for 5 years. It asks you to write what you did for the say, special events, or just ordinary day events. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m hoping it will give me some more inner peace and enjoy life’s little events. 
So today’s yoga session at Lululemon inspired me to share this yoga sequence with you all. It’s the warrior sequence. I found the discriptions and photos from this site and since I am no expert yogi, I figured it would be best for you to see it from a better source than me. 
Do this sequence with the sun salutations as a warm up, throw a few more chaturangas, and some planks and you’ve got yourself a good workout. 
flowing yoga pose

The first posture Tadasana with the hands placed together.

Exhale all the air leaving only a little in the lungs.

Inhale stretch the arms up and tilt lightly forward with the pelvis.

Exhale down into a forward bend. Enter a mild boundary when bending down.

Inhale step the right or left leg back. In this case the right leg is shown stepping back.

Exhale back to Downward Dog.

Inhale forward into Plank Pose

Exhale down to Eight Limb Pose; or chaturanga.

Inhale up to Upward Facing Cobra pose. (Enter Upward Dog Pose if you like.)

Exhale back to Downward Dog.

Inhale step the left leg forward.

Exhale back and straighten the left leg.

Inhale into Warrior 1 Pose.

Exhale into Warrior 2 Pose.

Inhale and lean forward into Warrior 3preperation pose.

Exhale into Warrior 3 pose.

Inhale raise the arms up.

Exhale back to standing.

Printable workout:

This week has some exciting things happening.

There’s the weeks line up:
Bachelorette Monday and me heading back to crossfit after a week  of resting the ankle
Meetings on tuesday.
Physical therapy Wednesday as well as frozen yogurt
RD exam Thursday
Lady Antebellum Friday.
Also Olympic trials are on television all week and next weekend!
Questions of the night: 
What yoga poses/ sequences do you like to do?
What do you do to stay calm and not let stress get the best of you??
Off to watch Drop, Dead, Diva!


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