It’s Official!

Its official….
I am a registered dietitian!!!! I no longer need people to co-sign my notes, or be supervised, I am now a full registered dietitian. See its even updated in  About meI have been waiting for this day since I started my internship, well probably way back in sophomore year of college when I first started taking nutrition classes.  This is how the past 24 hours have gone.
After a grueling spinning class and some lifting at the gym,
met some friends at Chill frozen yogurt for a chill relaxing “dinner”.
I was still a bit hungry when I got home (and felt I needed something other than ice cream) so I made some toast with PB2, bananas and some Kashi. 
I then reviewed a bit and went to bit at a reasonable time.
The alarm went off at 6:30, (got to sleep in an extra hour woot woot!!) and made a delicious, nutritious meal.
Seduction bread, berries, scrambled eggs with kale and some chicken meatballs, and of course COFFEE!!
Then I got into the car to make the lovely drive to Arnold, MO. Mind you today was 107F. When I left, it was like 90 craziness.
About 25 minutes after leaving my house, I arrived.
Time to take the test. After much stress with some system issues, and my score not appearing on the screen like I was told it would sending nerves and my heart beating like crazy; I found out I passed!!!
Music to my ears let me tell you!!
Since I passed, I decided to treat myself to some shopping, swimming, chipotle, crossfit and sushi!!
Lunch was a chipotle chicken soft taco, and some chips and salsa. I don’t live near a chipotle so I literally jump a the chance to get chipotle any time I can. 
Swam about 2500 meters ( i lost count a few times 🙂
Then the best part of the day: shopping. Two of my vices:
J. Crew
(My closet will look like this one day)
DSW shoe wareshouse.
This place is heaven for me! 
After spending waaayyyy too much money, I grabbed a qiuick snack of berries and a Luna bar.
And headed to CrossFit. Today’s workout was not bad, HOWEVER, it was 107F out. That’s toasty, then add humidity and I was sweating like crazy. However I survived.

by the look on my face, I barely survived, but boy did I get a good workout. 
Yoga at 7pm followed, this was a lifesaver for stretching out the muscles. 
By the time yoga was done at 8, I was starving. Went to get some sushi and a glass of wine 🙂

Forgot to take a picture of the initial rolls, hunger distracted me but here they are: the fire dragon roll, low carbohydrate roll, and the lucky roll which had sweet potato on top.

So delicious!!! Today absolutely wiped me out. As much as I’d love to stay and chat some more, I gotta get some sleep, need to be at work crazy early tomorrow, but it’s Friday!!! 



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