weekend in the middle of the week!!

Woo hoo its the weekend!! Well not really since its only Tuesday but as I sit here and eat a frozen banana with PB2 and cinnamon chips, it sure feels like it. Tomorrow I have my first day of ETO, which is awesome because I get paid not to go to work. That’s a big win my friends.  This morning I woke up starving so I had a pre-breakfast snack of toast jam, and lox.
 Then when I got to work, I had some overnight oats with PB2 and a 1/2 of a banana.
 Lunch was a salad with some lentils, and dinner was leftovers of baby back rib meat with lentils, sweet potato and some edamame. All very delicious. 
Since in my mind today is like a Friday, I have a wicked awesome circuit to share with you all. This will definitely get your heart rate up, you sweating, and ready to showing some skin for tomorrow.

4th of july workout

1/2 mile run (if you can’t run, 1000 meter row)

50 pull-ups or rows
100 push-ups
200 air squats
100 crunches
1/2 mile run
(adapted from CrossFit)
Printable version: 4th of July Workout
It’s a short workout, but a good one. Try to take as little rest as you can to get max results. Well friends, I’m off to some 4th of july festivities, a bike ride under the moon!!

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