weekend update

Happy Saturday all!!
Mine has been filled so far with errands and lunch, now its time get some work done and laundry and cleaning and then a few more errands!
Last night, went to dinner for my friend Hillary’s Birthday!! 
We went to Vin De Set. This place is awesome, I highly recommend it!! 
I had the French 75 – Gin, champagne, lemon juice and a float of grand marnier to drink
 Then a delicious salad and a salmon crepe which I was so distracted by the deliciousness that I forgot to take pics!!
After Vin de Set, we headed over to Bailey’s Chocolate Bar for delicious Martini’s and a brownie.
I ordered the S’mores martini which was so chocolatey and good. 
Happy Birthday Hillary!!!!
When I got home I was wiped and went straight to bed. Got up early to go drive out to St. Charles to pick up my number and packet for the New Town Triathlon that’s tomorrw.
While driving I had a delicious left over
Very Berry Wheat Germ Pancakes

(Click for recipe)

 After checking in, I went to go check out the lake we are doing the swim in.

Since I was a little girl, hated having to swim in a lake (actually swim, not play swim but like practice or race in a lake). My mom would have to stand at the end of the dock as I practiced and yell at me to keep swimming and that the fish or sea weed weren’t going to hurt me. Well like 15 years later, that fear still is there. I’ve sucked up many times to practice in the ocean or lake but never have enjoyed it. When I saw this lake, I got the overwhelming yucky feeling in my stomach. This is going to be the thing I need to conquer, not the bike or the run or even the swimming part; its the mental thing of swimming in lakes.
While I ponder this some more, its time for lunch,
Leftovers with seduction bread!!!
Any recommendations for suggestions to help get me over my “fear” of racing in lakes??

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