Carb loading

Carbohydrate loading, awesome for races that are longer than 90 minutes. Carb loading requires you to increase your carbohdyrate intake prior to your race to ensure that your energy stores are at their maximium capacity. I guess you could say I have been carb loading for this race. Tonight’s dinner, I definitely carb loaded. I think I over carb loaded and now am SO full I hurt, but more on that in a minute. 

Quick review of what a carbohydrate is:
Carbohydrates are our body’s main energy source. They come from grains, starches, fruits, some vegetables and dairy products. When we eat carbs, our bodies are able to digest them into 100% which  means 100% energy for us (yay!!). When you don’t use up all the energy we store it as a form of glycogen and when it is in too much excess as fat (however with carb loading typically wont  happen)
With carb loading you maybe able to increase the amount of glycogen your muscles  can store. 
To put it simply: More glycogen stored, less fatigue in the race.
Typically with carb loading about a week before the event, you increase your carbohydrate amount in your diet, usually around 50% with intense exercise. Then 3 days before the event bump the carb up to 70% and decrease exercise. This is considered the classic method.  
A modified version of carb or glycogen loading is increasing your carb amount from 50-70% about 4-5 days before the race and gradually taper the exercise. People have less side effects (bloating, GI issues, poor exercise recovery, moody) with this modified version.
Typically I’ll do the modified version. However this week I did the classic version inadvertently. I ate a lot of carb today without exercise and now feel SO full. However the meals were delicious!!!
After going shopping for groceries, and a trip to REI, I came home made some granola and dinner. 
Dinner was SO good. It consisted of:
zucchini and eggplant
Goat cheese and sundried tomato
Giada’s Tomato and Bail  sauce.
Side note: I HATE MY PHONE!!!!! I took pics of all of this and of course it didn’t save ARGHHHHHHH
I sauteed the eggplant and zucchini, added the rav’s and put some sauce on top.
Absolutely delicious!!

Oh I also had some salad .

I also made some granola. However most of those pics didn’t save as well, so I will be re-documenting the foods I used and will post the recipe (as well those cake recipes) tomorrow.

 Anyone else have issues like this with their phones??
Also if you have questions about carb loading feel free to email me at and I’ll be happy to answer your questions!!

Well I’m off to go pack for tomorrow!



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