The Men Tell All

So what did everyone think of tonight’s episode on the Bachelorette: Men Tell All??
Kalen took a beating, which he rightfully deserved. 
Chris was like the little girl creating drama, and I felt like a lot of the show was centered around him.
And then there’s Ryan…
Ya know for how cocky Ryan is, he kept me entertained tonight. He stood up for what he said and didn’t change his tune, which I give him props for. Hey Atlanta girls, this guy is looking for his trophy wife and it could be you!!
Then there’s Sean, clearly a crowd favorite. Hey since I’m single and he’s single, let’s make something happen 🙂
Anyways, tonight episode was good, not great.  It kept me entertained but not on the edge of my seat. I did like it when Emily told Kalen how she felt and got really sad when she was talking to Sean. 
Needless to say I am on pins and needles to see who she picks. Those editors are SO clever with the previews, we just don’t know WHAT is going to happen next.
What were your favorite parts of tonight’s episode??
Who do you think Emily is going to choose on Sunday???

(all pictures were found on google)

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