Hello Treadmill, long time no see

 Oh 100 degree weather, how you drive me to the treadmill. Since I failed at running this am (darn darkness outside) I had to go run on the treadmill after crossfit. I forgot how much I have a love hate relationship. I love that I can run indoors in air conditioning, hate that I cant constantly see how long I’ve been running. Love that I can watch TV while running, hate that if I speed it up a bit too much to push myself I feel like I’m going to fly off, I digress.
There’s the workout I did on the treadmill today. I was a sweaty mess from this (and of course the lovely crossfit workout we did). This kept me entertained yet still feeling like a got a great run in.

30 minute treadmill workout

0-2 minutes warm up

2-5 minutes .5 incline moderate speed ( you can carry on a conversation but still working, starting to break a sweat)
5-10 minutes .5 incline moderate to fast speed (conversation  is more difficult, starting to breathe harder)
10-15 minutes: 1.0 incline moderate speed
15-17 .5 incline fast speed
18-20 1.o moderate incline
21-23 .5 incline fast speed
23-25 1.5 incline  moderate to fast speed
25-27 1.0 incline fast speed
27-29 2.0 moderate to fast speed
30-31 sprint to the finish!!!
32-35 cool down no incline
So it’s a little longer than 30 minutes but taking out the cool down and warm up you’ll hit 30!
Choose speeds that you can be challenged on. The fast should leave you huffing and puffing and the moderate enough work to still feel it but be able to catch your breath. 



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