For the love of a spinning instructor

Sooo I’m an idiot ( well more just really bad with computers) and didn’t realize that you can only comment on posts if you have a google account, so my apologies. Anyone is now able to leave comments :).
So we’re going to digress to yesterday afternoon for one quick moment. A monumental thing has happened in this St. Louis drivers life… 

It was a thrill not to have a detour to get and the drive that should only take me 5 minutes from the gym to home FINALLY only took 5 minutes!! 
Anyways onto today!
This mornings plan was to get into work at 7:00. Time of arrival at work 7:20, sooo I might have overslept my alarm by a bit but this yummy breakfast made up for it!
2 strawberry flax seed waffles, a banana, PB2, home made granola, topped with Chia seeds and more flax seed. 

 It was just delicious! 
 Worked straight til lunch when I had some leftover chicken, eggplant and a few raviolis with carrots, crackers and cheese and chocolate covered pomegranates 
 When  I got home I was a bit hungry and knew I would need a snack before spinning. 
More granola, apple, with PB2. 
Spinning… There are some things in life that are just awesome and I have to admit that spinning is one of them.
That is, if you have the right instructor. 
Some instructors like to tell you exactly what is coming, how long you’ll be climbing the hill, how many hills youll be climbing during the workout. For me, that doesn’t really work. I then start counting down the minutes until the hill is over, dreading every time they tell me to take it up a turn or gear. It makes me think about how awful or painful this is instead of how hard i should be working or to keep pushing. 
My all time favorite spinning instructor ( I maybe a bit bias since I am relatively new to spinning) is this guy named Michael. 
It’s not about climbing hills or riding down the hill, its about going to the beat of the music. If you’re going faster than the beat, add some gears, if you need to catch your breath, take a breather. It’s very much your own ride, not as focused on a group ride. 
I am able to focus on the beat and work to keep with the beat, which will mean adding gears, taking them off.
It’s an hour to focus on yourself, and to just worry about listening to the beat, nothing else.
Since its hump day, we need something to look forward to the weekend, and I have just the thing.
I’m going home to Colorado!!!!!!
It’ll be a quick weekend but filled with lots of fun, relaxing and a 5k up in Keystone, Colorado. I’m a bit nervous about running in the altitude but nothing like a little challenge right 😉
Question of the night: what do you like about your class instructors? What is it about them that you make sure to go to his or her classes when they’re teaching??


One thought on “For the love of a spinning instructor

  1. OMG Grand Bridge is open?!?! Never thought a bridge would make me so excited and make me miss somewhere sooo much. Will you walk it for me one day and tell me if the sidewalks are good or terrible? We used to get run over by bikers or cracks in the sidewalk. And there was one point where you could fall off. We gave it a walkability of 0.

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