It’s August 1st???

Where has this gone?? It’s already Wednesday (woot woot), but WHAT a crazy few days. 
Well it’s official, today was moving day. 
The moving truck arrived and it was time to take my stuff to storage while I’m homeless for 10 days.
Luckily I have awesome friends who are willing to take me in for the next week 🙂
Anyways back to the moving adventures. 
So as many people know, I have a lot of stuff. 
I mean a lot of stuff. It took me 4-5 nights of straight packing (with some distractions from the olympics 🙂 ) to get it all packed. Some if the things I needed to pack were my decorations on the  wall. When I moved in I was a firm believer in using the 3M picture hangers. They have these wonderful claims that their awesome for your walls, nothing will happen to the wall.
Well, not to swear but the b*tch lied.
Thank you 3M strips for taking a chunk out of my wall.
In a panic I ran to Home Depot to get stuff to fix this lovely little thing.
I picked up some putty that is pink when you put it on then turns white. 
 First I cut a piece of the metal mes to fit the area of the hole.
 Then I put some putty over it.
Once it turned white I sanded it!
And then repeated putting a bit more putty on then sanding.
 And ta-dah…. the finished product!!
 Thought I had the right colored paint, but it was a little off, still not to shabby for a non-DIY-er like myself.

 This morning during a breakfast of toast with almond butter and granola, I was thinking about how moving/packing up causes you to think about all the memories from the past however many years you lived at the house your moving out of.

I loved the apartment I lived in for the past year. From having people over to pre-game, eating dinner on the back porch, watching the bachelorette, cooking in that lovely yellow kitchen, running in Tower Grove Park, and so many more memories.
Tonight I will go to bed with happy memories. 
What is your favorite memory from this past year??

2 thoughts on “It’s August 1st???

  1. Favorite memory of this past year? Umm can 10 months all be considered one memory??? Because the ten months of the internship when we became friends was pretty stellar.

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