A weekend adventure running a 5k in altitude

So I thought I posted this post but found it in the draft box. Whoopsies. Well 2 weekends ago, I went home to Colorado. It had been FAR too long since I had been home. I love being able to go home and hang out with my puppies, cook, get fresh veggies from the garden, hang out with my mom & dad, I could just go on and on about how awesome being home is. 
Saturday morning before heading to the mountains started off with a delicious egg scrambler with peppers, fresh tomatoes, basil, and feta cheese.

After getting up to the Keystone I ended up taking a nap, it was the best nap I had had in such a lonng time. We have this chair at the condo that is PERFECT for curling up and catching a few zzzzs. 
After the nap we got ready for dinner since we didn’t end up gettin to the mountains til about 2:30.
We went to this amazing little Italian Restaurant
Tusacto Ristorante. 
I was in heaven with this meal.
 From the bread to my entree
A baked crab tomato and basil in vodka sauce.
Just Delicious.
Off to dessert,
chocolate cake with pistachio gelato.
Heaven on a plate 🙂
Then it was off to bed for the big 5k in altitude.
Got up early on Sunday to check in and head to expo. 
I love the feeling of mornings in the mountains. The air is crisp, and everything has that buzz about it that they’re/it is ready to start the day.

Not only was there a 5k but also a half marathon. I give those 1/2 marathon runners props  its crazy hard to run in the altitude especially for this flat lander.
Pre-race photo.
Cheers to my mom!! This was her FIRST RACE EVER!!! 
9:00 am rolled around  and we were off. 

The first mile wasn’t too bad. The first part of it was on asphalt then we took a turn and ended up on a trail run. 

After that, we took a right and I realized we were heading back towards the ski hill, which meant there was only one place to, up hill.
This pic was only the beginning of the uphill. It got steeper and I had to stop and walk to catch my breath. My legs felt great, my lungs, not so much. You don’t realize how steep ski hills are. I just ski down them in an oblivion of what I’m skiing over. After that hill, I am in much more appreciation of the steepness of the mountains. 
The best part about going uphill is coming back down!!
Finally we reached some flat land!

Finally in the home stretch, less than a mile to go!!!
Finished the race in 29 minutes. Definitely a lot slower than I’m used to but was crazy happy with it. As the announcer guy stated, in high altitude and trail runs, you need to add 15-20% to your time, which means I was right on the money.
A surprise to me, when I checked the results, I placed 9th overall and 1st in my age group. 
However back to my mom. She loved the race and is now hooked. She has now has a goal to do a 10k next summer. I am so excited to have someone to run some races with :).
After the race I treated myself to some Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory almond cluster.

Spent the rest of sunday with the parents loving spending time with them.
Caught my morning flight with no problems and got a starbucks to fuel me through my work day.

What an awesome weekend. This reminds me how important it is to get home every now and then and enjoy the perks of being with family.

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