Coffee Isn’t just a wonderful drink, it is SO much more

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We all know my love of coffee. I literally could drink it all day. I know that that isn’t exactly good for for my tummy, all that caffeine but I just love it.
Luckily for me, I ran across an article on medscape, backed by research that discusses the health benefits of coffee.
This is just a summary of the article, for the full article
  1. Coffee can decrease cardiovascular disease risks. The antioxidants in coffee decrease the formation of bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. It also decreases the numbers of inflammatory markers, which basically means less plaque build up and less bad things happening to your heart!
  2. An average of 2 cups a day protects your heart against the chance of heart failure AND coronary heart disease for the next 10 years.
  3. If you drink more than 4  cups a day your risk of endometrial cancer decreases 
  4. 6  cups a day your risk of prostate cancer decreases 
  5. 4 cups a day your risk of  head and neck cancer decreases 
  6. greater than 3  cups a day your risk of basal cell carcinoma cancer decreases 
  7. greater than 5  cups a day your risk of breast cancer decreases 
  8. Drinking about 3-5 cups a day can help slow the progression of dementia. 
  9. 2-3< cups a day can help decrease symptoms of depression.

(all of these are backed by research, go to the site to see those articles)

So basically I need to drink at least 3 cups a day, which i totally am okay with!!
Started this morning off with a cup of sweet sweet coffee, with a banana, whole wheat toast with raspberry jam and an egg.
It’s quite delicious, if you haven’t tried toast with an egg and jam, DO IT!! You won’t regret it.
While I was eating, I made a yummy salad with some snacks for work! Since my lunch box is packed somewhere, a large tupperware works nicely. 
After work, went to get my bridesmaids dress altered and lucky me, it fits and doesn’t need to get altered. (lucky that I don’t have to have it altered or not good that it’s now a bit snugger than it was a few months ago, you decide).
After that event, it was time to get my sweat on at CrossFit. Today was a partner WOD which was awesome because my Crossfit partner Alyson is back from vacay!!
Here’s a modified version of the workout!
All you need is a free weight or a kettlebell:

Happy Workout Partner Style

This is loosely based on a CrossFit WOD. Only one person can be working at once.
These are the totals you must complete as a team!

100 kettle bell swings
60 burpees
50 shoulder presses
50 dips
50 shoulder presses
60 burpees
100 air squats 
 Printable version:Happy Workout Partner Style

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