Homeless for the Week isn’t so Bad!!

I am a very lucky girl in that I have some awesome friends that are willing to let me crash on their couch. My friends are also awesome because a few are able to get us some pretty cool tickets to things  like tickets to the Rams Fan fest this past saturday. 
We were able to wander on the field
Look at that hydration station!!
Seeing what it feels like to sit on the bench…
I think its nicer to sit in the private boxes which I have now decided that this is how I will watch football games from now on 😉
A pretty good view if you ask me!
Then in the Charter Red Zone we were able to try some samples from Le Cordon Bleu
It was a cajan shrimp with some coleslaw, not too shabby.
Some more pics of the day

Look at those players using the med balls, tossing them like their nothing!

The day ended with some Orange Leaf Frozen yogurt.
Enough stalling time to go to work!!
Question of the morning: What Olympic race/sport are you excited to watch tonight??


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