The past 2 nights, i’ve been tired, sluggish, and just not in the mood to workout.  Earlier this week, Sarah and I made plans to run on wednesday. During class we both looked at each other and we’re  like “Do we really want to go run?!?!” After class as we were walking to our cars we motivated each other to go for it and run. I am so happy I did. I felt SO much better after a quick ~30minute run. Today was just a hellish lonng day at work. Got a lot accomplished but was beat and had a headache from running around so much. I got home late and was planning on sitting my butt on the couch. That’s when my buddy Shawn called me up and asked if I wanted to run with him. I was about to say no, but then realized, “Katie get your butt in gear and go run”. And once again I’m so happy I did. Sometimes all you need is a little motivation from your friends to get you up off your butt and move. 
Remember this when you are feeling lazy. Call up a friend and see if they want to workout with you. You might be the motivation they are looking for!!
So big thanks to Sarah and Shawn for getting me off the couch and moving these past two days!!!
Sarah and me at the Halloween 10k last year (My costume = Snookie HORRIBLE idea running with bronzer on!!) 
Shawn and me at he F***ing Bike club 4th of july midnight ride.
Apparently I like to do events that involve exercise and dressing up 🙂


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