It’s time to say goodbye to….

So I have a confession to make. I’m a dietitian with a HUGE sweet tooth. Me and sweets are best buds. I know they aren’t great for you, but dark chocolate, frozen yogurt, cookies, etc. total weakness. 
Well this weakness has gotten this girl into a tight spot, and this girl needs to part ways from her lovely sweet friend. I will be the first one to admit sweets went from being a treat to an everyday occurrence, so it’s time to say goodbye, at least for a bit. 
1 month no sweets. 
So I did what any rational person would do before giving up sweets, I had several of them tonight. 
Left over fro-yo, cookies, sweet breads, and pumpkin balls that were SO delicious (thank you nutrition department potluck, couldn’t have timed you more perfectly. 
Goodbye my sweet treats I will see you in October!

The reason I am going cold turkey for a month is because I have lost my self control. One bite turns into 2, then 3 then it’s all gone!! 
In counseling I don’t recommend this way for everyone but for most, removing the vice, works best. 
If you too are struggling with your sweet tooth, join me on our 30 day adventure with no sweets. I promise you’ll feel amazing cutting out the sugar.  Email me at or leave a comment. Everyday for the first week we can check in and provide support for each other. If you email me, I will be sending out recipes to try and some motivation to keep you on track!! (you can also join in if you’re trying to eat healthier, the more people the better!!)
Let’s do this!!!

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