A Weekend Full of Running

What a weekend it has been!! Filled with miles, learning, good times, and great friends; as well as my constant avoidance of doing my work. After a great Crossfit workout, which has inspired many workout ideas for the 2 weeks,  and after the mobility and flexibility clinic(more on that once I have the pics); a quick luna bar snack;

2012-09-15 10.47.22I met up with Sarah to get the long run for this week in. 10 miles.

We started out and my legs were like no way jose are we doing this; you have put me through enough. However my brain overtook the legs and said shut up and run. And we made it all 10. Only had to stop to wake up my asleep feet. It was the weirdest thing, they started falling asleep around mile 2. I stopped and took my feet out for a second, tied my shoes looser, and went on my way. Well 2 miles later, they were asleep again. I thought it could have been my socks restricting blood flow, so I took those off. Didn’t work. They finally started cooperating around mile 7. Then at mile 8 we had the reward of a Gu. I had PeanutButter and I really liked it. It definitely tasted like peanut butter which was delicious. 2 miles later, we finished!!


So happy to be done with that for the week!!


Last weekend, we said that our treat for finishing the run was a Pumpkin Spice Latte; however we never got one.

Different story after this run.2012-09-15 15.11.31

This morning was the Lulu Lemon Lemon Drop 5k. The best part of this race was that it was free!!! A bunch of us girls woke up early and decided to go run.IMG_1953

Decided to take this one a little easy, due to the sore legs. Finished in 24:56, not too shabby for “going for a jog”.  Also the girl in the white tank next to me won the women’s division. Congratulations Liz!!



IMG_1960        IMG_1959           IMG_1961



Okay no procrastinating time to get work done!!

What are you avoiding doing today?? For me it’s reading research on weight management. 




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