Post traveling blues

Anyone else feel slightly bummed coming back from a trip and getting back into the routine of life? Yes I will agree its great to sleep in your own bed, have your breakfast the particular way you like it, and not getting lost (well most of the time), but there’s always sort of a bummer the trip is over feeling returning home. I’m majorly having that feeling. I think its because going to Philadelphia was my first real “business trip” and I was working, well learning  a lot. Even though you’re sitting in a conference room most of the day, its still tiring, as is walking around an expo hall trying delicious and not so delicious samples. However it was was great trip, still have lots to write about.

I must admit I have no idea where the time has gone. Its october 11th. October is almost halfway gone!!
This means the pumpkin consumption needs to increase as well as apples!
Speaking of pumpkins I made delicious pumpkin paleo oatmeal but forgot to measure!! Recipe to follow tomorrow!

Question for you:
What is your favorite fall recipe??




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