What up Monday

I will be honest, Monday’s are my least favorite days of the week. The alarm goes off way to early for my liking, I tend to dwadle in the morning and make myself late. On top of it all, my hair did not want to cooperate, it was revolting starting the week as well. Luckily my day turned right around when I got to work. I am lucky to work with some awesome people. We work hard, have lots of laughs, and save lives… well we feed people and talk about food all day 🙂

One of my coworkers had a birthday last week and conveniently did not tell us. Well I figure better late than never and I made her a birthday cake, well kind of. I read a good friend’s of mine blog (check it out)
The Nutrition Nerd
and got the idea for this “cake”.
No Pudge Brownies with some pumpkin creamcheese.

It’s super easy, all you do is mix the brownie mix with 2/3 cup of nonfat yogurt, the box recommends vanilla, I used Fage nonfat greek yogurt and added some nectar agave.
Popped it in the oven then topped it with some pumpkin cream cheese. I tried it out before topping all the brownie with cream cheese and let me tell you it was heeeavvveenn!!! Chocolate AND pumpkin, I’m sold.  This could be my favorite new combo for the moment 🙂
Questions of for YOU: 
What is your go to cake/ treat for your friends/ co-workers??
What is your new favorite fall flavor combinations??


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