2 states in one weekend

Hello lovelies!!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! It’s been a busy one for me. Thursday night I flew out to Michigan to celebrate my grandpa’s 90th birthday. He’s quite the man. He has story after story and loves the Detroit Tigers. 
Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! 
While there we stopped at a local bar to get some dinner. I ordered a corn beef sandwich.  I did not expect to get the sandwich that I got. It was HUGE!!!
Look at this thing, its man verses food big!

Delicious yes however its was quite salty. 
After a wonderful time with my family it was back to St. Louis for the Rock ‘n Roll half marathon.
 I flew back Saturday, carb loaded at Zia’s Italian Restaurant, then got up bright and early ready to run. 
Not going to lie I was a bit nervous. Shin pain has been bad lately and was nervous it was going to hinder the race. I tried to keep it out of my mind as we got set to go. 

 13.1 miles, 1:49.15, I was done!!
My running partner Sarah had a personal best and under 2 hours with me at 1:49.15 with me! Alyson from SimplyNutricising also had a personal best. Girl rocked it running a 1:3… something. I can’t remember the exact number but regardless she did AMAZING!!! 
Hillary also (the girl in pink) ALSO had a personal best.Just a great day all around!!
 So proud of you all!!
Time to start another week and this week I’m heading back to the pool. I’m so excited to go splash around and get back into swimming since I need to give the legs a rest. 
Question for you!
What is your favorite low impact exercise? 

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