A November Saturday, 70F

Happy weekend!!

I am in shock that it got up to 70F degrees today! After getting some things done for class, I headed over to Soulard Farmer’s Market to pick up some fresh produce. See my other trips to the market: Trips to the market. While there,I picked up a relish that I’m really excited about using. It’s called Gringo’s Goose Poop and can be found here : Gringo Goose

I cannot wait to try this with my eggs and on flat breads.  For some reason my tolerance for spicy food has gone way up and I’m loving the spice. So anything tasty spicy that I can get my hands on I’m totally down to eat!

Last night  I went to Dressel’s with a friend for a happy weekend beer and some pretzel. We decided to get dinner as well and I ended up getting: Porchetta “Louie”: Herb roasted pork, rapini, peperoncini, 3 cheeses, baguette. They put provel cheese on the sandwich but it’s so much better with goat cheese.

We also got the pretzel (no photo 😦 ) and a delicious Founders Breakfast Stout beer.

Just a delicious beer!

Well I’m off to go squeeze in a quick workout before going out with some friends.

What are you up to this weekend??




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