Happy Turkey Day Weekend

Happy Saturday Friends!
I’m sitting here, drinking my cup of coffee staring out at the mountains, life is good. And man am I happy that my parents moved to the mountains. My apologies for the lack of thanksgiving posts, I have taken a technology hiatus. This is the first time in a very long time that I have not constantly been checking my email, on facebook, texting, or having my phone attached to me like another limb. If you’ve never stepped away from technology before, I highly recommend it. I feel so much better and relaxed and not stressed about work, school, and life. Another benefit from stepping away from the computer is I’m now I’m more motivated to blog. I realize I have been missing blogging. So get ready folks, the blog will be back in full swing!

Week recap:
Tuesday celebrated my birthday at SubZero
Wednesday: work, flew to Denver and drove up to Keystone
Turkey day: prepared a delicious thanksgiving dinner. On a side note anyone else have issues with their turkey cooking? We did the 15 minutes per pound, checked the bird for temperature: 180F and 170F in the legs. When we cut into it, it was still red and not done. We put it back in for another hour, and it STILL wasn’t done! A 14# bird cooked for 4 3/4 hours. Clearly the oven is not working, note to self by my mom a oven temperature. Recipes from turkey to come 🙂
Friday: Lazy day of reading books.
Saturday: plan to workout, go buy some new ski pants and hang out with my momma.

Well breakfast is on the table, off to go enjoy it!

Question of the day: What are you up to today?




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