23 days til christmas

Happy December all!!

My christmas tree is up


christmas music is playing full blast and I’m getting the itch to bake!

I was so excited to get my tree, I love having a real tree, it makes my house smell so good! I went with my friend Alyson, check her blog out at Simply Nutricising.ImageImageImage

So now that the Christmas season is in full swing, we are starting the christmas count down 23 days til christmas. 

We have 23 days to a healthy happy holiday! From now til Christmas, we will discuss tips to help your holiday the healthiest and happiest it possibly can be!

Holiday Tip #1

Do some pre-holiday planning.

As the holidays fill up with parties, shopping trips, dinners, shows, etc; now is the time to plan ahead. On days that you don’t have a party, take advantage and make a healthy meal. Also plan out your exercise. You are more likely to exercise if you plan it out and write it down.

Take some time this week and plan out your meals and workouts. You’d be surprised at how much you accomplish by writing things down!

As I was looking online for recipes, I found this vegan, healthy, cinnamon rolls from Side of Sneakers

Go check it out! These will be made on Tuesday!!







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