15 days til Christmas!

After this past weekend, I am even more ecstatic about Christmas. I hosted an ugly sweater holiday/triple birthday party on Saturday night.


Let me tell you we know how to rock some ugly sweaters.

I had everyone over before going out and we made some homemade pizzas, found here : Pizza Dough 

This is an awesome recipe, you can make the dough ahead of time, either freeze the dough or cook over the stove or in the oven, then freeze it. It’s always great to get together with good friends, it reminds to be thankful for the great friends I have and the fun times we are able to have.

On this note, here another tip for tackling the holidays:

Watch what you choose to drink at holiday parties:

1- 8 oz glass of eggnog (nonalcoholic) is 362 calories

the typical 12 oz beer is 150 calories

a 3 oz martini 200 calories

the mixers for your beverages if not diet can contain 150 calories.

While these are all delicious, keep these numbers in mind as you sip, if you have a few of these, you may be drinking more calories than you think!!

Some alternatives: choosing light or diet drinks, soda water, slowly sipping your drinks, and having a spacer of water between drinks.

This girl is off to get some shut eye, nite!!




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