Getting back into the swing of things

This past month has been a whirlwind of a month. 4 different states, skiing, friends getting engaged, New Year’s Eve parties, giving and receiving, the loss of a beloved uncle, squeezing in work, and accumulating travel points. Living, laughing, and loving. .




To say the least trying to find normalcy after all of it is posing to be a challenge. The following weeks after a holiday are always a bit depressing for me. The holidays are over and the hustle and excitement and joy that was in the air no longer seems to be there. Since I’ve been moping around about the holidays being over it’s now time to get up and doing something about it and making the most of this 2013 year.
My uncle that just passed away was always very much making today great and he’d indirectly ask, what are you going to do to make today great? This got me thinking about how can I make today and each day the best day it can be? Now I’m one to make New Years resolutions, keep them for a few weeks and let them fall to the wayside. I feel that this year it’s time to do something that will make each day the best it can be for that day. To highlight this, we are going to the weekly 5: 5 awesome things that happened each week. Each Sunday we’ll reflect on the week and look ahead to the next week.
The second thing I’m going to do is to write things down and keep a better schedule/calendar. This will help me to keep track of life, as it can get pretty hectic.
The third thing I going to do is start wishing people a good day.

What can you do to make your days great days?




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