Sooo it’s March 6th, where the heck have I been??

I’m back! I don’t know how February slipped by so quickly but it did. We’ll review indepth the month because I have lots to share but to give the month to you in a brief statement, here it goes: best friends visit, mardi gras, blues games, family visit, brunch, delicious dinners, broken jaw, disney princess half marathon, and lots of fun. Woo that’s a whirlwind. And March is off to the same start. It’s already March 6th!!!

The biggest thing going on right now is…..


As a registered dietitian I am SUPER excited for this month. Having the theme be “Eat Right Your Way, Everyday” opens up a world of opportunities to share my love of food and nutrition with all of you! Get ready for info overload, this girl is back ;).

Nutrition month fact #1 and challenge #1:
Add as much color to your plate as possible.


The more color you add, the more vegetables are in your meal. Non-starchy vegetables (any vegetable but corn, peas and potatoes) are low in calories, higher in fiber, full of antioxidants and will keep you full an happy for hours.

How are you going to add color to your plate?




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