When it’s raining on Sunday

Rainy Sunday’s are probably my favorite days. They are a rare occasion so when they show up, I bask in the sound of the rain. I was a little disappointed in the rain this am as I wanted to go for a run but I’ll push that off to this week :).
After some french toast, made with cinnamon raisin bread. SO good!, went to church and made some spinach dip for Sunday night dinner with the girls. Super easy to throw together:

6 oz of frozen spinach (can use fresh, just sauté in a pan).
1 1/2 cup nonfat greek yogurt
1 garlic clove minced
pepper and red pepper flakes to season

Mix the ingredients and serve with chips or pita.


I love that it has 4 ingredients, the simpler the better :).

After a relaxing weekend of meeting up with friends, going to a jewelry party, and cleaning, I’m prepped and ready to go for this week. I can finally say I’m relaxed and ready to tackle on the week.


Got the workout schedule figured out as well as a tentative meal schedule. Planning out my week keeps me accountable for working out as well as making dinner and not coping out and getting take out.

Tips for tackling your week:
1. Meatless Monday’s. Take advantage of this hype behind it! There are tons of meatless recipes that you can enjoy!
2. If you are following Lent: meatless Friday’s. Same thing applies as #1.
3. Try to drink 64 oz of water daily. This will keep you hydrated and ready to take on anything.
4. Keep the color on your plate. More color more antioxiants. Take a look here:Colorful plate

How do you get ready for the upcoming week?



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