Salt Overload

Feeling a little bloated and salt overloaded?? I certainly am! While I love corn beef and cabbage and soda bread, it does not love me. All the salt makes me feel like the Michelin man.

20130317-194040.jpg These are my fool proof ways of decreasing bloat from salt.
1. Avoid salt! ( gotta say it, as a dietitian who works with cardiac patients always avoid salt!) seriously read the labels and and choose foods less than 250 mg sodium.

This food would not be a good choice!
2. Drink lots of water. Shoot for at least 64 oz of water. I really like adding lemon to my water to add some flavor. I also really like drinking lots of decaffeinated teas to increase my fluid intake.

3. Eat some foods high in potassium like bananas, mangoes, watermelons, unsalted nuts, spinach, tomatoes and unsalted nut butters. Potassium helps mobilize water as well as sodium = makes you feel better!!!
4. Get moving!! Exercise gets the blood moving and the heart moving. Drink some water while you work and you’ll be feeling better in no time!

Trying a new thought for Monday, embrace the start of the week instead of dreading Mondays.

What do you do to get pumped up for Mondays?



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