Oh you’re really doing it aren’t ya

Ever feel like this is going to happen to you during a run?


Might not be from food poisoning like in Bridesmaids but eating the wrong food prior to running can make you want to run to the nearest bathroom STAT!

This recently happened to me on a planned 9 mile run that ended up being 7 miles. I was about 4 miles in and had to go to the bathroom. Well I was still about 2 miles away from any bathroom. To make this a long story short, I did make it to the bathroom running those last 2 miles about 30 seconds faster than I usually run and had several moments that I thought I was wasn’t going to make it and would need the nearest garbage can (TMI I know 🙂 ).

This sudden need for a bathroom during a run can be attributed to the food you eat prior to your run.
Here are some tips to get the most out of your run!
1. Timing is everything.

Eating about 4 hours prior to a exercise over 30 minutes long will help decrease GI upset. Depending upon your GI system you might be able to push it a bit. Most people will have some upset if they eat within 1 hour of exercise or competition. For me, eating about 1 1/2 to 2 hours prior to exercise allows for digestion and decrease in GI upset.

2. For that 4+ hours prior to your race, here are some good precompetition meal suggestions:

Plain breakfast cereal, low-fat milk
Pancakes with syrup or honey
Toast/muffins with jam
Spaghetti with low-fat tomato sauce
Low-fat breakfast/muesli bar and banana
Roll or sandwich with banana/honey
Smoothie (low-fat milk, yogurt & fruit)

Notice that these all have carbohydrate and a little bit of protein. Carbohydrate will give you WAY more energy than a large protein meal prior to exercise or a race.

3. If you need to eat a snack prior to working out, choose a food that is high in carbs such as



a piece of fruit, oranges, bananas & apples

smoothie made w/ fruit, milk and ice


crackers w/ peanut butter – About 8-12 crackers w/ 1 tbsp natural peanut butter,



Other good options are your energy bars, these are designed to be high in carbohydrate perfect to fuel you through your run!

4. Stay hydrated! Being dehyrdated prior to your race or run will only further your dehydration and affect your perfromance.
A general rule of thumb is drink 5-7 ml per 2.2 pounds of body weight. Since most of don’t drink fluids in milliters, drink 1.2 ounces per 10 pounds of body weight. So if you are a 140# person you would need to drink at least 17 ounces prior to a race or a long run or any long race, on top of your recommended 64 ounces a day.

If you have any questions regarding this please email me at coffeeloversdilemma AT gmail DOT com or leave a comment.

What are your favorite pre exercise snacks???



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