A Sunday of events

Happy Monday!!

I usually don’t associate happy and Monday together but I’m working on having a positive outlook on Mondays 🙂 . Yesterday was a busy day. I had planned on getting much more accomplished but got distracted by the ACM’s .


I thought I’ll put it on in the back ground and get work done, ha joke was on me. Anyways back to the rest of Sunday.

I woke up and made some Very Berry Pancakes, found here: Very Berry Pancakes. Love the fruit in the pancake. Such a nice change compared to fruit on top of the pancake. After breakfast headed to mass and then to a Tasteful Affair. This is a fundraiser for Food Outreach. This is an awesome organization that provides nutrition and food and enhances quality of life of men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS or cancer.

 2013-04-07 16.11.16

There was a silent auction, live auction, food provided by 40+ restaurants from St. Louis, as well as a 50/50 raffle which I was assigned to, as well as these lovely ladies Delaney and Jess.

2013-04-07 15.50.49

There were SO many good samples and I couldn’t be a complete stalker and take photos of very thing but I got some of my favorites: First we have a House Smoked Maple Glazed Salmon with an Avocado, Chevre and cherry tomatos on Cibatta Crostini

2013-04-07 15.52.36

Turtle Mousse dessert:

2013-04-07 15.51.24

2013-04-07 15.49.27

2013-04-07 15.49.20

2013-04-07 15.48.58 2013-04-07 15.48.50

2013-04-07 15.48.45

2013-04-07 15.58.18

2013-04-07 15.58.23

Skirt Steak with bacon caramelized onions and chiptole sauce on a cracker.

2013-04-07 15.57.11

After all that deliciousness I still needed to get a run in so I sucked it up and ran on a full stomach. You’d think I’d learn from Friday’s run: Friday’s run. Luckily I had no GI issues 🙂 .

Have a great Monday!!

How did you spend your Sunday?




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