Back to reality after a weekend away

Oh what’s weekend! Country music, running, drinks and laughs were all a plenty this past weekend. Full recap to come!
Kind of sad to be back and having to go to work, but since life goes on so must I :).
So it’s been two weeks did you run your 26.2 in 2 weeks

Here’s my breakdown:

4/15: 3.5 miles
4/20: 7 miles
4/21: 6 miles
4/27 13.1 miles
Total: 29.6 miles

Running a half marathon this weekend made me proud to be a runner and to be able run. While running i was thinking about a bunch of different things ( its a scary place in my brain with all those thoughts bouncing around) but I realize that I am constantly in front of a screen. Really the only time I am not in front an electronic for more than an hour is when I sleep. All of that stimulation right up to me shutting my eyes, probably contributing to my not so great nights of sleep. It is suggested that the light and stimulation of using computers, phones, tv, etc stimulates the brain and keeps it thinking and going instead of winding down. More on that found here

So time to challenge myself:
no screens for 30 minutes before I go to bed.


This is going to be difficult considering I watch tv, or am on the computer, then lay in bed and play on my iPhone until I fall asleep.
So here goes nothing: 1week, no electronics 30 minutes before bed. Join me on my challenge, you might be surprised how it impacts you!!

What did you do this weekend???




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