Holy Batman! She Wrote a Blog Post

Hello Blogosphere,

It’s been months since I’ve posted anything, and now I’m writing on a completely different blog. I’ve been feeling like making changes in my life. One of them being my blog.  Please change the website address to https://thedashingdietitian.wordpress.com.

As I sit outside on this ABSOLUTELY beautiful summer night


 here’s what going on with me on the good ol blog.

Clearly by my lack of posts one might say that I’ve been lacking inspiration to write. I would say to that person you are absolutely correct. I would also add in that I have been busy traveling to weddings, bachelorette parties, funerals, graduations… you name it and I’ve probably attended it in the past 3 months. Don’t get me wrong, I love EVERY moment of every event I have attended and would attend them all over again. However all that travel has made a lazy person of sorts.  Instead of blogging, cleaning my apartment, or doing laundry in my free time, I have found myself sitting and zoning. While this sitting and recharging is needed, I need to start taking advantage of my free time a bit more and making it more productive. With this new found productivity has produced a new blog. I hope you enjoy it.  It will be practically the same as the other one with more of a nutrition focus, with the hope that you learn something new with each post.

Some things to look forward to in the next 2 months:

-Marathon training tips. I am in the beginning of my training for the Chicago Marathon. I am following The Hanson Marathon Method. Look for tips and tricks that I have learned along the way in my training.

-Healthy Meals on the Go. The month of July is a crazy busy month for me. Stay tuned for nutritious, delicious, and quick meals and snacks .

– Adventures and fun. Who knows that all this summer will bring but it’s time to find out!!

So as most of you know I absolutely cannot stand (hate is not a nice word to use) Dr. Oz and his nutrition talk. He is a doctor not a dietitian. It would be like me talking about surgery or diagnosing a patient with cancer when I am not a doctor . I’ll leave the diagnosing to him if he leaves the nutrition to me the RD. Take a look at this clip about Dr. Oz eating his own words: Enjoy!!






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