What to Eat Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

Today starts a new posting series called What to Eat Wednesday. Each Wednesday a new food will be highlighted as well as how I’m going to use it in a recipe.

This week we are talking about watermelons.


image found here

Watermelon is 92% water. Eating watermelon not only fills us up but also hydrates us, two birds one fruit :).  Watermelon is also full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which is quite a lot packed into the remaining 8% of the fruit.

Watermelon contains a large amount of lycopene, ranking with tomatoes on the lycopene content list. Lycopene helps decrease blood pressure through vasodilation as well as inhibits oxidative stress that can affect the work of bone cells. Allowing these cells to work makes your bones stronger.

Another benefit for your bones is the potassium content in watermelon. Potassium helps your body retain calcium which then can be used to keep your bones strong.  The potassium also keeps with hydration and cramping and in the summer staying hydrated and avoiding muscle cramps is essential.

The vitamin A in watermelon helps your eye sight and helps keep your immune strong by strengthening your white blood cells. Vitamin B6 also aids in keeping your immune system strong by enhancing antibody production, nerve cell function and the formation of red blood cells. Finally vitamin C has long been known as the immune system booster in defense again infections and viruses.

Here’s how I am going to use watermelon this week with 2 stellar recipes:

Watermelon Salad

and the Watermelon Margarita

How are you going to use watermelon this week?

Stay tuned to see how I adapted these recipes to make them even better, until then, enjoy a slice of watermelon!





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