Trying to live in the moment

Have you ever been working on something yet your thinking about a million of other things you need to do? Or you’re eating lunch and you’re thinking about what you should have for dinner? Or worse, have friends in town, be doing something, yet you’re thinking about the rest of the plans for the day/night/weekend? I am 100% guilty of all of this. I’ve noticed it has gotten worse, I miss apart of a conversation because I’m not being present in the moment. So if I give a vague response, “oh yea, haha” I didn’t hear a word you said. 😳 

I had friends from out of town visiting this past weekend and had an “ah ha” moment about being present in the moment. With good friends that I haven’t seen in probably 6 months visiting and 1 friend who is moving in April, I realized that this weekend will never happen again in St. Louis.  A very exciting and but sad thought to have, making me realize I need to be present and enjoy this while it’s here; not looking back wishing I could relive the weekend.


So here’s what I learned:

  1. Step away from the phone. I am SO bad about being on my phone. Take a pic, oh that needs to be post RIGHT THIS SECOND; then ooo I wonder who has liked my photo. I wonder how many conversations I have misheard or completely missed to being on my phone.
  2. Try to turn off the brain to do list. Having no plans is okay. Seeing where the day takes us, made the weekend so much more relaxing.
  3. Do take pictures of the weekend. While I’m on my phone, I realize I really don’t take that many photos  with my friends. Food, booze, and the pup, spot on with those; but pics with my gal pals not so much.
  4. Just because the weekend is over doesn’t mean you stop talking. I am also bad about this. Use the phone that I’m constantly on to call, text, FaceTime my friends, just to say hi, to update them on life, or to send that random Instagram pic that made me laugh.

With all that being said, we had a fan-freaking-tastic weekend. Many laughs, mimosas, brunching, palm to forheads, and dog filled moments. Wouldn’t have changed it for the world 🙂 .


Question: What do you do to live in the moment?









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