Galentine’s Day: February 13th

It’s only the best day of the year!  

This weekend was one for the books, with the kick off of fish fry season, I mean Lent, Galentine’s Day, and lots of good times and laughs with friends. I also learned that I am not helpful at all with trivia, I think I might have contributed to maybe 5 questions  😳.  While trivia may not be my thing, brunching definitely is.  And when I heard about Galentine’s Day, I knew that it will forever be an important holiday. 


What you need for a successful brunch: good food, good drinks, your lady friends, and chocolate.

If you live in Saint Louis and you haven’t been to The Shack for brunch, you need to go there like yesterday. One of my favorite brunch spots, thus making the perfect place for brunch.

First start with an appetizer of bacon  

Yes I know, it’s bacon…..I’m a dietitian that loves bacon. Everything moderation, right?!

Then order some delicious entrees like the Mexican Stand Off   

Or the Because we can E-Z

   You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. 

Next some decorations. All I can say is thank goodness for Pinterest. I found these awesome decorations, and thank you to the for creating these.



Finally a little sweet treat to celebrate this sweet weekend.


 Recipe found on and modified a bit. 

Seriously my  friends are the just the best and any excuse to celebrate something with them, you bet I’m going to plan an event 🙂  


After brunch we pit stopped for a drink before seeing How to be Single. If you’ve seen it, what are your thoughts? If you haven’t; I won’t ruin it for you but it wasn’t what I was expecting. I did have a lot of laugh out loud moments but still wasn’t what I was expecting, like crying from sadness not laughing. Yes, I was that girl, crying in a comedy. Anyways Galentine’s Day 2016 was a success. The best part though, valentines day was the next day, all the more reason to spread the love and eat all the chocolate.

Did you know dark chocolate is extremely heart healthy? It can help prevent heart disease, gives you endorphins to improve your mood, and can help protect your skin. All the more reasons to eat more dark chocolate.

How did you celebrate this weekend?!






Happy July 11th

Happy the 11th of July! Doesn’t quite have the same ring as Happy 4th of July, none the less happy birthday. Time for a recap on celebrating America’s birthday last week.


The started the day off with 4 miles on the 4th, some patriotic toast


Then it was time to BBQ!!


Big thanks to Marissa and Spenser for hosting a wonderful party!! This girl knows how to put on a spread of food and her fiance can grill with the best of them. I feel I should have a a dislaimer for the rest of this post; the following recipes are deliciously amazing. Remember it’s okay to have a day where you splurge and enjoy yourself. It’s all about moderation and adapting a healthy lifestyle. Back to independence day ☺


While we prepared apeptizers, sides, and dessert, we sipped on a Firecracker margarita.



Firecracker Margarita

4 Servings


4 ounces of Tequila

2 ounces of Triple Sec

16 ounces of La Croix lime Sparking Water

16 ounces of La Croix Lemon Sparkling Water

Handful of blueberries and strawberries.


Mix Pitcher mix 4 tequila, triple sec, lemon and lime sparkling water.

Give it a good stir to mix it up. Add some ice and pour into cups.

Garnish with blueberries and strawberries.



Clearly we did not enjoy the Firecracker Margarita. Along with the margs we enjoyed Red, white, and Antipasto Skewers, Sparkler Strawberries, and, Patriotic pie.

We also added some festive decorations to round out our table.


Paper straws add lots of color and pazazz to any drink and using scrapbook paper makes for festive signs.

The Red, White, and Antipasto Skewers are super easy to throw together for any party. Some tips, use string cheese to get round cheese verse cube cheese. It adds a nice dimension to the skewer. Grape tomatoes and olives are a good, and any type of cured meat will work. I chose Genoa Salami and tried to find the lowest sodium kind possible. Also if your kebob sticks are splintery, soak them in water first, then cut them in half.


Red White, and Antipasto Skewers

Makes 12


1 can black olives

1 container of grape tomatoes

6-8 low fat mozzarella string cheese

¼ pound of genoa salami or cured meat.


1. Cut the kebob skewers in half.

2.Cut the string cheese into ½ inch pieces

3. Add tomatoes, olives, cheese and meat in various order. I added 2 cheeses per stick.

4. Enjoy!

IMG_3674 IMG_3751


After eating a delicious brat   IMG_3734 it was dessert time.

These two festive desserts are easy to put together and involve fresh blueberries and strawberries. You can also add raspberries to add some variety.


For the Patriotic Pie we bought Pillsberry sugar cookie to decrease time spent in the kitchen.


Patriotic Pie.

Makes 1 12 inch pizza cookie


1 roll/ tube of sugar cookie

4 ounces of 1/3 less fat cream cheese

¼ cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla or to make the frosting more tart use 1 tsp lemon juice

1 cup blueberries

2 cups of sliced strawberries * the amounts of fruit are estimates. I purchased a large container of strawberries and 1 pint of blueberries and did not use all of them.


1. Pre-heat oven to 350. Spray pizza pan or cookie sheets with oil.

2. Spread the sugar cookie dough out on the pan, as thin and as close to the edge as possible. The cookie with thicken and spread out as it bakes. Bake for 10 minutes and let cool.

3. While the cookie bakes, mix the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla or lemon juice until smooth. * soften cream cheese prior to mixing to make it easier to mix. 4. Slice the strawberries into thin slices.

5. Spread the cream cheese frosting on the cookie. Put the blueberries in the upper left corner then create strips with the strawberries leaving space between for the white stripes.

6. Cut and Enjoy!!

IMG_3684_2 IMG_3690_2 IMG_3685_2 IMG_3684_2


The last gem that we made are Sparkler Strawberries. These are absolutely delicious and refreshing strawberries and are easy to make. Trust me, I am not the most crafty person and if I can make them, anyone can. Before we get to a recipe, a quick less on hulling strawberries. Cut off the stems of the strawberries. Then with a ¼ round teaspoon, draw a circle in the middle of the strawberry with the edge of teaspoon

IMG_3668_2 IMG_3670_2

Sparkler Strawberries


Makes 12 Strawberries


12 strawberries

2 ounces of softened

1/3 less fat cream cheese

4 ounces of white chocolate

red, white and blue sprinkles.


1. Rinse and dry strawberries. Remove stems and hull out the center of the strawberry. Slice off a small portion of the end of the strawberry to help it stand up. 2. Melt the white chocolate and dip half the strawberry in the chocolate. Let stand on parchment paper.

3. In a pastry bag or in a zip lock bag, add the cream cheese. Snip off the end of the ziplock bag to use like a pastry bag. While the chocolate is drying, Swirl the cream cheese into the strawberry, sprinkle with sprinkles and stick in the refrigerator to harden the chocolate.

4. Enjoy!

IMG_3682 IMG_3687_2 IMG_3689_2 IMG_3679

What I love about these strawberries is that they look super fancy but are really easy to make. If your cream cheese ends up a little lumpy instead of swirly, add more sprinkles and no on will notice 😉

IMG_3688_2 IMG_3689_2 IMG_3687_2

Between the food and the fireworks this 4th will be one to be remembered for quite some time.

It wouldn’t be an Independence day without some sparkler fun!!

IMG_3753_2 IMG_3737

What are your favorite dishes to make for BBQ’s or parties???


Xoxo, Katie

Happy Halloween!!

I just love Halloween. Dressing up, kids excited to get candy, haunted houses, giving candy!
It is the kick off to the holiday season!
I finally have a day off after 9 days in a row of work. Time to get caught up on laundry, blogging, cleaning, and life!!  However I will be taking some time to celebrate Halloween!!
Happy Halloween!
What are you doing today to celebrate this Halloween??

Brief Memorial Day Recap

Memorial Day weekend, the kick off to summer. What a kick off it was. A dietetic internship graduation, Indy 500 race, start of a blog, leasing an apartment, and trying to organize life before life gets taken over by the 9 to 5 of the job. Friday, May 25th, was a day that 33 of us had been waiting for for 10 months, graduation from out dietetic internship. 

It was a beautiful little ceremony, minus the fact that the air conditioner decided not to work, which created a very sweaty situation. However, we mottled through the heat, got our diplomas and are done! Congrats SLU Dietetic Internship of 2012, “We did it!!!!”.

This now means I have to grow up and start the big girl job in a week and become an adult, quite a scary thought, luckily I still have a week to have some intern graduate fun :). This fun was kicked off by getting in the car at 7 am to drive to Indianapolis for the greatest spectacle in racing: The Indy 500. 
This has been a family tradition for years and if we cannot make it, we devote the entire weekend to watching the race on TV.  Wandering through the pits, listening to the drivers discuss their race strategies and how they are going to handle the heat, and just feeling the excitement in the air is like none other than at the Indy.  One of my favorite parts is watching the action in the pits during the race. You don’t realize how only a few seconds really can make a big difference.
This years race was extra special in order to honor Dan Wheldon. He was a favorite in our family, as well as the winner of last years Indy. Sadly in the last race of the season, he crashed and did not make it. During the first parade lap, lap 26 and 98, everyone put on their “white Dan Wheldon glasses” in honor of him. 

The brother and me in the glasses. 
All in all it was a great day, filled with delicious tailgating food, ice cold drinks, and too many laughs to count.  Well that’s all for now, I’m off to CrossFit, if you have not tried it, I highly recommend it to anyone. From what I’ve heard it gets you ripped. I’m just starting and so far LOVE it.