Wow it’s been awhile….

So I was sitting on the couch watching some baseball (not my first choice as I have some Real Housewives to catch up on) but I realized I haven’t blogged in a REALLY long time. I always want to write a post when I find a really good recipe, or find an interesting nutrition tid bit, do a work out I really like, or whine about how I don’t want to run in the St. Louis summer heat. So I decided instead of wanting to write a blog post I should just write a blog post. Since my last post, over a year ago, a lot has happened, which could explain my lack of blogging (or not 🙂 ). Lucy will be 2 at the end of August, I started a new job a year ago, started my own business, started another very part time job, and recently as within the last 2 weeks got engaged. That last part is still coming to reality each time I say it. I also get very excited each time I say it! So I think the spark of blogging has come back to document the next year of my life- the wedding planning. Very basic of me I know BUT I think in a few years from now it will be fun to read the highs and the lows of my wedding planning and the year of being engaged. If it’s been anything like the last year, it will be full of adventures. I also plan to truly start blogging more regularly. When I first started, I wanted to do a blog post a day. Now I a. don’t have the time nor the creativity, sometimes it takes awhile just to write a work email; b. live a pretty routine life on the weekdays, c. Lucy likes to go on likes daily and I like to work out almost daily #priorities. So the goal is at least once a week. My hope is to share those random nutrition tidbits with you, share recipes I really like, say hey go check out this place to eat or work out, and whine when I don’t want to run ( 54 days to your half Katie, get to it). Welcome back to the Dashing Dietitian  blog, I promise it will be much more exciting than it has been the last year 🙂